George Schneeloch

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  • BostonBusMap (Play store link) - an Android app which shows vehicle locations and displays transit predictions for the MBTA
  • Macrovator - a Ruby on Rails application which records and executes macros in the form of keystrokes and other special commands, similar to how Emacs uses macros.
  • Senescribe - a Ruby on Rails blog which records the age of each word and highlights them accordingly
  • Restructor - my attempt at a computer vision Android app

Minor forks:

  • android-vnc-client - I was aiming to get better support for using my bluetooth keyboard with this VNC client. I was running Ubuntu on my tablet for a little while on my trip through New Zealand (in lieu of a heavier laptop). I managed to get a little work done, but it wasn't really responsive or easy enough to make it fun
  • ReplicatorG - There's a 3D gcode simulator in the simulator branch, which is basically just the existing simulator infrastructure combined with (an existing gcode simulator) written in Processing.

My github page has pretty much everything I work on in my spare time